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Bad Credit Repair and How to Fix Your Credit

Do It Yourself - Bad credit can be repaired either by doing it yourself, or finding a credit repair company to help you.  It is not difficult to repair your own credit, but does require effort and diligence, in writing and sending letters to credit bureaus, on a regular monthly basis. It does not happen overnight, it typically takes a year before your credit is clean.

Hire a Credit Repair Company - If you don't think you will be able to adhere to a regular routine of repairing your own credit, a credit repair agency may be your best choice.  They typically charge $30-75 per month to perform their service.

Step 1: Get a Free Credit Report - Whichever your choice, the first step is to get a credit report for all 3 credit bureaus, review them, and identify any incorrect derogatory information

Get Free Credit Reports

Do It Yourself Credit Repair Guide

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