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Non Recourse Loans for IRAs & Trusts

We are located in San Diego, California and provide fast Private Loans & Hard Money Loans in California.

Non Recourse Loans

A Non Recourse Loan is a loan which is secured by real property, but for which the borrower is not personally liable. A Non Recourse loan is often used for financing real estate held by a Self Directed IRA, or other pass through entities, and partnerships, where the beneficiaries of the entities either can't guarantee the loans or don't want to guarantee the loans.

Non Recourse Loans for IRA held Real Estate

Real Estate purchased in an IRA or Self Directed IRA can be financed, however there are strict rules which must be followed, mainly, that the IRA beneficiary not sign for the loan personally, thus you need to finance with a Non Recourse Loan.  This will not fly with conventional lenders and banks, since banks want you to sign personally on the loan.

Non Recourse Loans for Partnerships / LLCs / and THTs

Real estate held by pass through entities and partnerships such as a Limited Liability Corporation, Title Holding Trust, or other Partnerships can be financed with a non recourse loan, without pulling the real estate out of the entity and without obligating the beneficiaries on the loan.

Land Trust & Title Holding Trust (THT)

The THT is often referred to as a Land Trust. A living trust, family trust, land trust or title holding trust is an entity which is often used to hold real estate where the beneficiary wants to remain anonymous and private, and not appear on public records. Most lenders will require the property to be deeded back to the beneficiary before making a loan and then deeded back to the trust. A Non Recourse loan is another alternative and does not require deeding the property out of the Living Trust, Land Trust or Title Holding Trust. 

Loan Requirements:

  • Max Loan to Value (LTV) of 65%
  • Loan Amounts from $30K and up
  • Commercial / Residential

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